One Year

An infinite number of things can happen within a year and with the holidays quickly approaching, the ways my life has changed since this time last year is on my mind. This time of last year I still lived in Philadelphia, 20 minutes from my subpar school and 5 away from my best friend. My … Continue reading One Year


Universal Gift

With Christmas right around the corner, the question of what the perfect gift for children is on everyone's mind. If I could, hypothetically, give every child in the world any gift of my choice for Christmas I'd gift them: a good friend. My reasoning for that is as follows, having one good friend is sometimes … Continue reading Universal Gift

K-Pop: the Newest Trend in the States

K-pop (Korean pop) is simply pop music in Korean. It's typically rooted in Korean traditions but possesses a variety of different aspects influenced by other cultures and trends. K-pop's recent popularity in America is very hard to ignore. Groups such as BTS and Monsta X have made appearances on shows like Ellen and Good Day … Continue reading K-Pop: the Newest Trend in the States