One Year

An infinite number of things can happen within a year and with the holidays quickly approaching, the ways my life has changed since this time last year is on my mind.

This time of last year I still lived in Philadelphia, 20 minutes from my subpar school and 5 away from my best friend.

My hair was a lot shorter, and dyed a lighter brown.

I still had braces, thank god they’re gone now, and I was very obsessed with bright colored knee high socks.

I was a sophomore, focused on all the wrong things and people.

I was very motivated. I knew what I wanted and I was very determined to achieve it by any means necessary.

I still had big dreams. I felt that not doing something extraordinary with my life would mean I didn’t matter, that my life didn’t matter. That thought alone kept me motivated.

I was a lot more introverted, with terrible social anxiety and poor conversation skills.

Talking about myself was nearly impossible, I had zero confidence and avoided letting anyone really know anything about me.

Naruto was my favorite anime and all I read about was infamous serial killers and forensics from their cases.

I was overworked and overwhelmed. My mental health was at it’s lowest and I felt very lost.

I hated getting up every morning, the thought of having to get through another day terrified me.

I was dissatisfied with my life the way it was, and also dissatisfied with the person I was at the time.

Now, I live here in Killeen. 1,619.7 miles (25 hours) away from my best friend and 20 minutes from my regular school.

My hair is armpit length. Dark black with faded purple tips, a thick and curly mess.

I’m braces free and currently obsessed with cute ankle socks and minimalistic tattoos.

I’m a Junior now. Only focused on myself and appreciating those in my life who truly deserve it.

I’m not as motivated, or goal oriented, but I’m living for myself and I’m content with that.

No more big dreams, unfortunately, but I am pursuing various interests/hobbies and looking for something that I’m truly passionate about.

I’m still very introverted, but I can hold a conversation and not totally freak out whenever I have to go out and socialize.

I am my favorite topic. I love talking about my interests and hopes for my future, I am an open book and learning to embrace being vulnerable.

My favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop and I read more manga than anything else.

I try not to overwork myself and have made my mental health a priority that I will not compromise for anyone.

I’m learning Japanese and Korean, getting back into art, and practicing gratitude.

I wake up every morning thinking about ways I can make that day the best it can be, ways I can improve myself within those 24 hours.

I’m spending more time with my family and friends and focusing on appreciating what I have instead of dwelling on what I don’t.

I am slowly but surely falling in love with both myself and the life I live, and I couldn’t be happier.


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