Universal Gift

With Christmas right around the corner, the question of what the perfect gift for children is on everyone’s mind.

If I could, hypothetically, give every child in the world any gift of my choice for Christmas I’d gift them: a good friend.

My reasoning for that is as follows, having one good friend is sometimes all we need.

My best friend and I have known each other since kindergarten and have been inseparable for 6 years, approaching 7.

Just her presence brings me indescribable solace and her friendship is more often than not the only thing that keeps me afloat.

Having a friend like her has made me realize just how essential healthy friendships are in life, for everyone, and it saddens me that not everyone has a good friend like mine.

There are a lot of children around the world who may have zero friends or none that bring anything good into their lives, and feel very isolated and alone, like I did 8 years ago. They may feel misunderstood and ‘unlikeable’. They may resent themselves or think it’s their fault that they’re alone. One good friend could change all of that.

People often underestimate the change other people can have on them and their lives and after being hurt, resort to shutting everyone out and not letting anyone get too close to them. This is especially the case for children and teens around the world right now.

Feeling understood and accepted by just one person in the world can have an unsurmountable impact on a child’s self esteem and mental health and those are both very prominent issues in our society currently.

Nobody knows better than me how helpful having a good friend can be, and that’s why I wish every child had one.


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